All of us at Brookstone would like to thank you for your interest in Brookstone Plants Assimilation (BPA). We have been praying for your involvement.

Assimilation is a way of life at Brookstone. We are all being assimilated, as we continue to move forward in becoming more like Christ.

Our Residents are tasked with:

  • Reaching, winning, discipling and assimilating people.
  • Reaching the lost, reaching others for kingdom work. Be a part of a team assimilating people to Brookstone and assimilating people to join their Church Plant Teams.

Joining a team takes on many forms, and the role options are limitless:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Periodic basis

What are your: gifts, talents, and life experiences? (Or do you need help identifying those? We can help!) God can use it all, if you make yourself available! If you are feeling led to join a team in any capacity, look no further, you can begin the Assimilation process today.

The process has been broken down into four areas:

  • Define
  • Discover
  • Develop
  • Deploy

Have questions? Contact Pastor Jeff at:

Church-Based. Team-Oriented. Experience-Driven. Community-Impacting. Life-Changing.